About My Work

If we are ever going to change the world, we must begin by changing ourselves.  For in recreating ourselves, we find the power to create a future that is not simply a repetition of the past.  Staying the same keeps us in thrall to the chaos that is daily life in the twenty-first century.  Media overload, fear-mongering and pevailing violence keep us in psychic hiding and disempowerment, doomed to an endless cycle of negative patterns in our personal lives as we watch the negativity of our national consciousness play out on the world stage.

For over 20 years, I have seen how the deep work of consciousness exploration can create profound inner change, allowing beings to transcend the fears and limitations of the ego, resulting in an awakened consciousness that is free of old and painful pattens of behavior.  Without a doubt, the serious review and ultimate rejection of chronic emotional and/or behavioral patterns can lead to completely different and fulfilling experiences in one’s personal life.  I’m not saying it doesn’t take courage to venture into one’s deepest, darkest places (think hard Pluto transit here), but the rewards are priceless.

An Evolutionary Astrology reading provides a perfect gateway into this deep, inner work because your birth chart reveals the primary consciousness issue your Spirit intended to address in this lifetime.  This evolutionary lesson centers on deeply held beliefs and behavior patterns instituted in a past life that are now a constant in your present incarnation.  These patterns can revolve around personal or family relationships, money or career, just to name a few.  It’s a part of your life where you see yourself making the same mistakes over and over again, while the situation never improves.  Evolutionary astrology clarifies these issues and offers a way out of a frustrating cycle of behavior.

To contact me regarding an evolutionary astrology reading for yourself or for information on counseling sessions, please email me at:  admin@theawakenedconsciousness.com.